One of my definitions of success is, having at least one true friend who is always there for you. In that respect, I consider myself successful. Among the handful of true friends who feel and care for me, Teng Pong is one of them.

I met Teng Pong when I was the Marketing Director, heading the Marketing and Agency Training Department at Manulife. Teng Pong once held the Training Manager portfolio but decided to continue his successful selling experience. There are agents who work for money but few work with passion. Teng Pong was one of the few passionate ones. He specialised in Estate Planning. While doing that, he worked closely with lawyers and legal advisers. Not surprising, he learned a unique skill in Will Writing.

As a staff of the insurance company, I could have bought my family insurance policies with lower premiums net of commissions. Instead, I chose Teng Pong as my agent because I value his professional advice and personable service. I placed my family's policies under Teng Pong and that decision paid off. Despite Teng Pong leaving the Insurance industry to pursue his passion in Will Writing, he continues to answer my enquiries, requests and has my interests at heart.

Teng Pong has become our family friend as he has gained trust from my husband, and my son knows and respects him too. When Teng Pong helped us redraft our will, we noticed the vast amount of knowledge he has accumulated over the years. Our new will covers situations we have never thought of, and hence not covered in the earlier one done at a law firm.

We wish more people could benefit from Teng Pong's professional advice. One needs to see to believe. Don't just take my word for it!

Elaine Tang Managing Director of Therapeutic Health Services

I suppose it's not common to find a son writing a testimonial for his father. But when the opportunity came by, I had to jump on it. Tay Teng Pong might be synonymous with Will writing, or estate planning here in Singapore, but to me, he's always just been my Dad.

When he first formed Will & Legacy, there was a certain ring to his company tagline, which I knew resonated with him - "Leave a Legacy". He was also very much fond of the play on the word "leave" and replacing it with "live". But I think that that's a very crucial difference in perspective. It's a paradigm shift, if you think about it. The purpose of a will is to ensure that whatever legacy (often physical) that is left behind after our passing, is thoughtfully and well distributed. But living a legacy is far different. It points towards the way we treat the people we love, or the people we have a passion for. It points towards the work that we do that will have an effect that lasts generations. It points towards values, work ethic, character building. It points towards the things that we cannot always see or comprehend, or that are implicitly defined, rather than explicitly spelt out.

Living a legacy, and investing in the lives of people you love now ensures that whatever legacy you do leave behind is one that goes far beyond physical wealth. Having this perspective gives immense depth and purpose into the pursuits we have today.

My father taught me, and the lasting legacy he has already left in me is, be earnest, be sincere, be honest. Honour God. I'm just really glad he decided to live that legacy in me, rather than leave it.

Joel Tay

I knew Teng Pong when I was a young schoolgirl. His wife, Jenny, was my Sunday School teacher in Grace Assembly of God church. We looked up to both of them as respectable and model couple . We liked them so much that we put up a "surprise" song presentation at their church wedding.

Teng Pong is my mentor and I usually go to him for advice. Under his leadership, we started a meaningful free tuition to help the academically weak students from the Sunday school. Some of them became doctors, architects and teachers. He also encouraged me to go for a mission trip with the Varsity Christian Fellowship in Sarawak, Sabah and Brunei and that trip made me realise how blessed we are in Singapore. I invited him to speak at my 22nd birthday celebration.

Naturally when it comes to writing my will, he is my best choice. He was very professional and highlighted many issues that I neglected. Being very experienced, he skillfully crafted my will in both my personal and business aspects. He was very patient with me and allowed me to cancel our scheduled meetings at the eleventh hour without any complaint.

I strongly recommend Teng Pong to help anyone to write his or her will.

Liana Tang Managing Director of Eagle Infotech Consultants Pte Ltd and Kingsfield Education Centre Pte Ltd

Teng Pong used to say that Grace Assembly is family and his second home. How can it not be if you have been part of Grace for 40 years (since 1971).

I first knew Teng Pong when I joined Grace Assembly in 1988. Our relationship is more than shepherd and sheep. Teng Pong's wife, Jenny, is a fun loving person and a good cook. Occasionally, we have dinner or BBQ at his home. When my dad passed away in 2002, Teng Pong and Jenny flew to Ipoh to attend the funeral.

In his early years at Grace, Teng Pong served in the Executive Church Board. Subsequently, he also served in Grace Sunday School as it's superintendent. During the last decade, he was a lay counselor and a management committee member of REACH Community Services Society, the social arm of Grace Assembly.

One of Grace Assembly's annual events is the Grace Retreat, previously referred to as Church Camp. Teng Pong is not a "retreat" person. I literally "forced" him to attend one by appointing him the Camp Commander for 1999. We had a good time at the Palace of The Golden Horses. It is very heart warming to know that twelve years later, his two sons, Joel and Johann were involved in organizing the Grace Retreat for 2011.

I'm very thankful to God for Teng Pong, Jenny, Joel and Johann. It is a closely-knit family and it has been a real joy knowing them through the years. To me, they are not just members of the Church, but friends and part of the Grace's family for Grace is family.

Teng Pong whom I know, is a man with a good heart, always helpful and making himself available to help others. He is a very relational person, soft and gentle.

To me, what he is doing fits perfectly with his big heart for people. I believe for Teng Pong, his work is more than just an occupation but a genuine desire to help others.

I must also say that he and Jenny have done an outstanding job in bringing up their two sons. They are such fine dedicated Christians and it's a reflection of the way they are brought up by godly parents.

They are a great example of a family, deeply bonded by the love of God.

Rev Calvin Lee, Senior Pastor of Grace Assembly of God